Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

Download Film Death Note 1: The First Name+Subtitle

The Story begins with the death note dropping on the floor. Some people dying, out of heart attacks. Light writing names in the Death note, showing how the people die and reports. At school, students are talking about Kira . Light and Shiori then talked about Kira. One Month ago, Light went into a bar to check up on a person. He went in and saw the person who murdered someone but did not get jailed as there wasn’t much evidence from the police then he left the bar, and saw a book on the ground. DEATH NOTE. He took the book home and thought the book was a prank. He then wrote a criminal’s name into the Death Note. Then went to sleep. The next day, he read the newspapers and was shocked. The death note is true. Then he met the person who murdered someone and wrote his name into the book. And the person died. Light then meets Ryuk, the shimigami. Ryuk talks to Light and then Ryuk tells Light many stuff.

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